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Womb House


Design period: 2018. 03—2018. 05
Design: Shuntaro Ymanaka (Althouse), Ayaka Sei (Althouse)
Graphic Design: Masahiro Yamasaki
Partner: Adrian Steckeweh

When thinking about AI, it is the singularity (technical singular point) that visits in 2045 advocated by Dr. Ray Kurzweil that is told in a set, and the future that will come after that will be pessimistically told In many cases, how should we consider "AI's house"?
In thinking about "AI's house", we thought about the process of evolution until mankind created AI. As AI transcends human beings as well as human beings have evolved by studying and imitating events in the natural world, AI regards human beings as a part of nature as well as human beings are biologically on earth Thinking as "the most rationally designed item", and imitate it.
From that, I thought that AI would develop the design while imitating the structure of the human body. Also, the idea that the comfortable and comfortable space for human beings is "womb inside" came to the idea.
While the "womb" space is ultimately a vernacular, we are the most universal space for humankind and it can be thought of as the "house" where everyone lives first.
At the same time, the idea of a conventional "house" was melted, and I thought that an aggregate of "rooms=womb" which is the minimum unit would exist as "house=community".
Does this mean that the "house" will be reconstructed from a rigidly fixed existence that is uniquely fixed, into a multilayered and fluid form. And, as the word "from the cradle to the graveyard", the room as the smallest unit house will have the function as a graveyard for each person.
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