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Ten Sense

Branding, Architecture

Building site: 3F&4F, Le Soleil, Tokyo
Total area: 198sqm
Design period: 2017. 04—2017. 06
Construction period: 2017. 06—2017. 08

Client: Ten Sense
Design: Ayaka Sei (Althouse)
Photo: Studio Function

ヘアサロン、カフェ、ワークアウトの3つの業態が密接に関係し合う、新しいスタイルのサロン“Ten Sense”の内装計画。
We performed the interior design for a new style salon “Ten Sense” in which three business categories of hair salon, cafe, workout are closely related.
The site are the two floors of 3F and 4F of the new building in Ebisu. We designed such that it can be recognized as one salon by linking three different spaces smoothly. Also, considering that the predicted main user is a woman, we sought to create a soft and clean space with curved and organic shape.
It is assumed that both 3F and 4F floor are used in skeletons, first painted walls and ceilings with a neutral gray which is brighter than the body and also the image color of the salon, and cleaning up the surface of the frame removes the crude impression although it is a skeleton.
Also, since 3F and 4F is come and go with the elevator, by setting entrances on both floors and arranging reception counters of curved shape at the same position on each floor, the same salon will be available even if the floor is different to make it possible to impress.
When entering the 3F, firstly there is the cafe. When you follow the large curved wall of diatomite finish which also serves as display and stock of goods, there is a hair salon in the back. On the hair salon side, this curved wall make the small space for the shampoo booth and designed so that the entire surface can be used as a stock shelf. We sought to design the wall as symbolic existence by giving two roles besides partitioning. One is as a wall that determines the impression of the entire salon and the other one is as a furniture that also serves as a stock.
4F is a workout space. We sought to secure a spacious space by carefully hearing about the content of the lesson and equipment to be used, and reflecting it on the design.

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