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Leather Mill and Showroom





An interior plan for the second office building of Creative Clan, which plans and manufactures leather products mainly for clothing. The site is a warehouse with a frontage of 10m and a depth of 20m,  adjacent to their company’s building.

They are one of the few companies that can consistently carry out processes from stocking of leather and processing of tanning and dyeing to finishing products, and undertakes many leather products of various fashion brands in Japan and overseas. We were asked for an interior plan that was easy to use as a workplace, while having the function of a showroom to introduce a wide variety of abundant leather stocks to clients.

The shelves on the wall are made of single pipe, and has wooden box inside for storing leather. We put these storage between existing windows so that we can get sunlights from the windows and create a bright and open space.

In a very simple space, the bogies in blue are lined up to provide the space a unified feeling, and the existing small room beside the entrance is painted in bright red to give an accent.

Interior design of Leather mill and showroom
Building site:Kanagawa, Japan
Total area:200sqm
Design period:2019.06~2019.07
Construction period:2019.06~2019.08
Crient:Creative Clan
Design:Ayaka Sei (Althouse)
©︎photo :Kisshomaru Shimamura

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