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Boice from Baycrew's

Branding, Graphic

Baycrew’s Groupが2017年9月に立ち上げたEC限定のセレクトショップ《Boice》のコンセプトメイキング、ネーミング、VIデザイン、ブランドサイトデザイン及びライティングを含むコンテンツ開発を通じたトータルブランディングを担当。
プロジェクトの立ち上げに際して、Baycrew’s社から提示された「社内から横断的にバイヤーを募り、これまでにない形での商品訴求を行いたい」という新規事業のフレームを考慮しながら、Baycrew’s Group内の様々な「声」を集めお客様にお届けするというコンセプトに基づき、吹き出しを象ったVIデザインを採用することで多様な声を統一感のある印象でまとめることで、同社内の他ブランドとの差別化と効果的な認知促進を図った。
We are in charge of total branding for new style fashion select shop that is launched by Baycrew’s Group through making a concept and name of the brand, designing VI and brand site, and planning contents including the editorial.
At first, there was a request from the client to want to suggest a products for customers in an unprecedented style by the buyers whom are selected from the client’s company. We made concept image  that new brand “Boice” gathers various types of voice from the company and sends to customers, and designed VI in imitation of balloon. We planned the differentiation with other brands in the company and effective improvement of recognition by settling a variety of voices for the impression with the united feeling.
And, we intended to improve the engagement with the customer. So through the narrative way of product suggestion on Brand site, SNS, and shopping page, customers gets the experience that it is really waited on as being the online shopping.

Client: Baycrew’s Co., Ltd.
Creative direction: Shuntaro Yamanaka (Althouse)
Art direction, Design: Masahiro Yamasaki
Photograph: Yuji Watanabe, Masato Ishibashi
Althouse | Design Group of Graphic, Architecture and Clothing